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Enchante BSD City, a Perfect Home

a Perfect Home

What is your idea of a perfect home?

Some people say it needs to be a certain size, in a good neighborhood, surrounded by facilities, a beautiful garden, etc.

Enchante is created upon the idea of creating a perfect home.

a place where its owner feels most comfortable and safe.

a place that provides quality of life.

Enchante Clubhouse View


Enchante is built in a prestigious land in the center of BSD City. 

Shopping malls, schools, universities, CBD areas, and recreation centers are nearby this area.

This area also has had a significant rise in land prices in the last ten years.

Lokasi Enchante


Facilitated with a resort-like clubhouse, the resident will feel the festive ambiance in this private clubhouse.

Perfect for a weekend getaway for the whole family, or every day, you decide.



The Epitome of excellence with its grand facade and interior, spacious rooms, high ceilings, equipped with an elevator and carport for five vehicles.

Offered for very limited units only.

The Opulence
Oppulence Master Bedroom


This lavish unit brings you the quintessential living experience, your family's very own retreat at home.

Equipped with 5 bedrooms, elevator, and carport for 4 vehicles.

Lavish living room


Feels at ease when you enter Enchante's Magnifique.

Enjoy the moment with family and friends.

Living room

For inquiry, please call :
0811 999 398
0816 288 000